Ivo Tedbury is a young designer based in London, interested in the potential of increased computational power and fabrication technologies to generate buildings, products and design tools which enlighten and empower their users.

Ivo recently graduated from MArch Architecture [with Distinction] at the Bartlett School of Architecture in Unit 19, and was awarded Ambrose Poynter Prize, Sir Andrew Taylor Prize, the Bartlett School of Architecture Medal, and the Imagination Bursary in Year 4. He previously completed BSc Architecture, also at the Bartlett, with First Class honours and winning the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize.


His award-winning Master's project - 'semblr' - consisted of the research and development of an innovative method of housing construction using robotically assembled discrete timber 'bricks'. He has significant experience and interest in Robot-Oriented Design applied within the architectural field, having prototyped and tested this robotic construction system using industrial robots, and developed and submitted a patent application for a new concept and application of distributed robotics in architecture.


Ivo is currently working as a Research Assistant for the Design Computation Lab at the Bartlett, assisting with the delivery of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 Pavilion for Gilles Retsin Architecture. Ivo has previously worked at Arup Associates, and also in collaboration with several other designers and makers for numerous freelance design projects.




Bartlett School of Architecture

University College London

Unit 19

Design Computation Lab

Gilles Retsin

The Mobile Studio

Arup Associates


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